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Bio- Squad R3ADYy Is an Upcoming Musician with Amazing Talent in R&B, Hip Hop and New School Music

CALIFORNIA, U.S.A. (OCTOBER 20, 2016) - Squad R3ADYy is the new face of contemporary music with an amazing voice and unique talent in music. The artist’s original name is Cameron Maurice Bailey and all the music that has been created by this artist till date is not only self-taught but also self-produced, making him a truly unique talent in the world of music. Squad R3ADYy has made his presence available on various social media platforms including, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, etc. so that his fans can stay updated on his latest releases and upcoming music ventures.

Cameron Bailey has a humble background. He was born in Long Beach but move with Lancaster in California where he was raised along with 2 older brothers, 2 younger brothers, 1 younger sister and an elder sister. His talent in music started surfacing from the age of 15 when he wrote his first rap song to join in with his brother’s rap group. He has graduated from Desert Sands Charter High School (2009) and soon joined the Antelope Valley Community College for further studies. But his passion for music made him drop from the college and pursue his call for a career in music. Soon Cameron went solo with the name Squad R3ADYy.

His self-taught music has opened up his deeply-rooted talent in various styles of music including Hip hop, R&B and new school music. R3ADYy takes pride in writing his own music and does not believe in getting involved with ghost writers. His belief is that all great music must by lyrical in nature. To stay in sync with trending music, R3ADYy usually experiments with his music and sound. Each of his songs has its own vibe and feel. And the artist keeps changing his style constantly to create new and improved songs. R3ADYy’s favorite music genre is R&B and he calls his style “Freeway-Music”.

To keep up with this artist and his music visit https://

Owner Name: Cameron Maurice Bailey
Artist Name- Squad R3ADYy (R3ADYy for short)

Enjoy Thrilling New Music By Squad R3ADYy On Social Media Platforms To Get A Taste Of This New Talent.





Hip Hop

Is R3ADYy's Musical Roots


"R3ADYy" takes pride in writing his own music and doesn't involve himself with ghost writers. He believes that great music needs to be lyrical.

New Shcool

It's Important To Stay Current


R3ADYy likes to experiment with his sound. Every song has it's on feel and vibe. He is constantly changing his style and creating new songs.


R3ADYy's Favorite Genre 

R3ADYy loves something that he refers to as "Freeway-Music" ("something that you could drive to and zone out") R&B is his favorite genre for this reason.


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